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The Trade Up Contract is a tool in Valve's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), where players can create new weapon skins. The prerequisite is only the insertion of 10 items; in exchange you will receive one new weapon skin with a higher grade.
You still don't understand how it works? Do you want an in-depth explanation? Check out our Profit Guide and our FAQ down below.

In general, a skin is an item in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It's a special texture for a weapon that can be seen by any player.
Every skin has its own condition. It shows how worn a skin is. The best condition ist "Factory New", followed by "Minimal Wear", "Field-Tested", "Well-Worn" and the worst one is "Battle-Scarred".
A collection is a group of skins that have a similar theme. On the one hand, there the cases that you can open, and on the other hand there are collections which items only can drop in the end of a match. It's relevant for Trade Up Contracts because when you put in 10 skins from the same collection you'll only be able to get the next higher item of its input collection.
Every skin has its own rarity in a collection. It doesn't matters if a skin has different conditions - it's always the same rarity. You can say that it represents the quality of a skin.
It's a tool in CS:GO, that can be used of every player ingame. In general, you have to put in 10 skins of the same rarity and you'll get a new one of a higher rarity.
Your input in a trade up contract are the 10 items that you put in to get a item of a higher rarity. Regarding our tool, you should put in 10x the same weapon to get one of the expected rewards.
When you put in 10 skins in a trade up contract and you submit - then you'll get one of the possible rewards. In this tool, you can see the chance of getting this reward. Also, you can see wether you're making profit with it or not.
A float value is a special number that each item has. A condition represents just a range of float values. Within this condition, there a more and less worn skin that have the same condition. Usally, 0.00 is one of the best float values that you can get and 1.00 is the worst. Some skins have a different range of float values. That's the reason why some skins doesn't exist in "Factory New".
You can see the possible rewards with each % of chance in our tool. The trade up contract chooses the collection of 1 of the 10 input items first, then he'll pick one of the containing items of the same rarity and then the float value of the new skin will be calculated.
Yes. This is a fully automatic system that will update prices every 5 minutes. Of course some prices can contain mistakes. Prices at BITSKINS usally are cheaper than in steam market.
Usally it's not. But it can happen - if something is wrong are you bought too many bad-float skins, that you'll get a worse condition than you expected.
Yes, but not in a trade up contract. If you find a video on Youtube, it's a fake or it's a joke.
Prices are cheaper and you're able to avoid the 7 day trade restriction that you'll get when you put at least 1 trade-banned item in your trade up contract. When you buy a item through steam market, you can trade it up, but you'll get a 7 day trade restriction. And the fees are much lower than on steam market.
Firstly, gambling often is forbidden by Valve Corporation. Secondly, gambling site often are hosted by private users that can turn the site off whenever they want and or they try to scam you. Obviously, many sites are rigged too because nobody can check it. Trade Up Contracts are hosted by Valve in CS:GO - and usally nobody can scam you while doing it.
At first, you should recheck the trade up not to get a worse condition than expected. In general, you should buy skins with a float value as small as possible to get a good-float reward and to avoid a deterioration of condition.
There are different options that you can do after doing your trade up. Of course, you can sell your item on OPSKINS (lower fees, no trade restriction) and buy new ones to make a trade up contract again. Otherwise you can cash it out or just play with your new skin.
Yes it is. If you put 10 StatTrak™ skins of the same value into the trade up contract, you'll get a StatTrak™ item out of it. It's not possible to mix up StatTrak™ and non-StatTrak™ items.
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